RoboDrift v4.0 (2016)

RoboDrift is an annual competition conducted by the Robotics Club to provide a platform and a challenge to students of Kathmandu Engineering College to bring their theoretical knowledge into a physical form. This competition holds the trend of Robotics club of KEC. It is also taken as the greatest platform for students to judge their potential.

The competition is scheduled for (30th July,2016)(15th Shrawan 2073), so better hurry up!

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Last date for form submission:- 12th Shrawan 2073.robotics robotics1 robotics2 lamp_post

This year the competition will continue the tradition of featuring a race between robots. The race will consists of two segments: automatic and manual.

Image with Dimension.


Game Play

Manual Zone

    • In this zone, the robot will be controlled via a remote — wired or wireless.

    • The robot will have to avoid the obstacles (cubic) (Red) and should strike the green cylindrical structure in-order to lit on the bulbs.

    • Green cylindrical structure has the switch and when the robot strikes with it then the bulb will glow.The height of the switch is 10 cm. Points are allocated consecutively.

    25 points will be given to the racer .

    In-order to gain the points, the robot must glow the bulb.

    • No points will be rewarded to the team who skips the cylindrical structure but 50 points will be deducted if it touches the RED CUBIC OBSTACLE.

    • There are three mini zones in Manual zone: Starting zone, Middle zone, End zone.

    Starting zone: Zero point will be rewarded.

    Middle zone( check point): 50 points will be rewarded

    End zone: 100 points will be rewarded

    Note: At End zone, there will be a green cylindrical structure and to earn 100 points one must lit the bulb otherwise 25 points will be rewarded.

    • The maximum inclination is Ten degree (10).

    Automatic Zone

    • In this segment the robots will have to follow a marked track to. The line will be marked white with the surrounding black.

    • The total length of this zone (not the length of the path) will be approximately 1.5m.

    • The width of the white path is 2.5cm.

    • When it completes the automatic zone then 150 points will be rewarded to the team.

    • The robot must stop after it reaches the finish line. If in case the robot falls down then 50 points will be deducted.


    • The dimension of the robot will have to be equal to or less than 30×25 cm. There is no restriction on the height.

    • The race must be completed within 5 minutes. If the Robot completes the race within 2 minutes then 25 points will be rewarded to the racer.

    • 25 points will be deducted if it drifts away from the path.

    • Maximum potential difference between any two points should not be greater than 24V.

    • No external power source can be used.

    • The control of the robot in the manual zone can be wired or wireless (by any means).

    • The wires cannot be used as a deterrent to the opponent robot.

    • If the robot touches any of the obstacles in the manual zone, deduction in the points is done as a penalty.

    • The switch from the manual to the automatic operation can be done on the robot manually.

    • There is no pause between manual zone and automatic zone, the robot can directly continue to the automatic zone from the manual zone without pause.

    • If the robot drifts from the path in the automatic zone, the robot will have to restart from the previous check point.


  • The dimensions of the arena are subject to change.

  • The races will be decided via a tie-sheet.

  • The robots will have to race more than once, so the teams are advised to be prepared with extra batteries.

  • Registration

  • Registration will be in teams of at most 4 members.

  • Registration fee: Rs 200.

  • Deadline: 12th Shrawan 2073

  • Registration here!!!!

For further details:
Ravi Gurau :9813191530
Manish Adhikari: 9860354317
Ashish Jaiswal: 9860043739
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Note:- Especially for 1st and 2nd year students, Our door is always open for help.