RoboDrift 2015

RoboDrift is an annual competition conducted by the Robotics Club to provide a platform and a challenge to students of Kathmandu Engineering College to bring their theoretical knowledge into a physical form.

The competition is scheduled for 22th Sharawan (next Friday), so better hurry up!

This year the competition will continue the tradition of featuring a race between robots. The race will consists of two segments: automatic and manual.


Game Play

Automatic Zone

  • The race will start off on the automatic zone; in which segment the robots will have to follow a marked track to reach the next segment. The line will be marked white with the surrounding black.
  • The total length of this zone (not the length of the path) will be approximately 1m.
  • The width of the white path is 2.5cm.

Manual Zone

  • The robot will be switched to manual zone after the line-following path is complete.
  • This switch can be done by the player manually (or through a remote)
  • In this zone, the robot will be controlled via a remote — wired or wireless.
  • The robot will have to navigate through obstacles.
  • The aim will be to get to the alternate side where they will need to destroy the castle.
  • The length of this zone will be approximately 1m and the width approximately 1.5m.


  • The dimension of the robot will have to be equal to or less than 25×25 cm. There is no restriction on the height.
  • Maximum potential difference between any two points should not be greater than 24V.
  • No external power source can be used.
  • The control of the robot in the manual zone can be wired or wireless (by any means).
  • The wires can not be used as a deterrent to the opponent robot.
  • If the robot touches any of the obstacle in the manual zone, the robot will have to halt at that position for 5 seconds, as a penalty.
  • The switch from the automatic to the manual operation can be done on the robot manually.
  • The is no pause between automatic and manual zone, the robot can directly continue to the manual zone from the automatic zone without pause.
  • If the robot drifts from the path in the automatic zone, the robot will have to restart from the starting line.


  • The dimensions of the arena are subject to change.
  • The races will be decided via a tie-sheet.
  • The robots will have to race more than once, so the teams are advised to be prepared with extra batteries.


  • Registration will be in teams of at most 4 members.
  • Registration fee: Rs 200.
  • Deadline: 20th Sharawan (Wednesday).
  • Register here: