Events Last Year – 2013

What we have done this Semester?

This has been a very productive semester for the robotics club as this club has successfully completed a variety of activities. First major event that the club did was the selection of the new members. Members were selected from the second and third year of the college. The selection basis for the member was aptitude test, viva and involvement in the projects. The club then conducted the training program for the new members.

Robotics Club conducted an Exhibition featuring the projects of the new club members on 21st December 2013 which featured the following projects:

  • POV (Persistence Of Vision)
  • LED Cube
  • PS/2 Mouse Controlled Robotic ARM
  • DTMF Robot
  • Mosquito Repelled
  • Ethernet Controlled Home Lightning System
  • Image Processing Based Robotic ARM
  • RC fixed winged Airplane

Robotics club also conducted a workshop program featuring AVR microcontroller and basic electronics with the collaboration of Electronics Project Club on 13th and 15 January 2013. The main aspect of the workshop were as follows:

  • Sensors, their working and Theories behind
    General Schematic,Design Principles, Practical Considerations, Useful General Circuitry and Operations such as  Op- Amp, Comparator, H-Bridge etc.
  • Basic Microcontroller Operations
    General Introduction to microcontrollers, Coding Technique, Programming Environment and SDK
  • Advanced Microcontroller Operation
    LCD Interface, ADC configuration, UART configuration

This workshop was attended by 74 students and we got a very positive response from this workshop.

Apart from these robotics club took part in National Robotics competition conducted by Robotics association of Nepal.Robotics Club also took part in the RC fixed winged Airplane workshop conducted by Robotics Association of Nepal and Aviation Aerospace, India and made a fixed winged remote controlled Glider.
Robo-Drift 2069

The robotics club, Katimandu Engineering College, has organized the intra college robotics competition “Robo-Drift 2069″. The competition included one automatic robot of a team and it tackled with the line follower, wall follower and the slopes.The registration for the competition was for the students of Kathmandu Engineering College, Kalimati only.

The winner and the first runner up will get the prize worth Rs. 12,000 and cash amount too. Further more, taking part in such competition was a great achievement to the students’ knowledge towards robotics

Yantra 1.0

The club members of Kathmandu Engineering College, has got the habit to organize the workshop program providing the facility to learn within the club itself along with the college students and other privet engineering colleges. This inspirational feature of the club has encouraged the club, again to organize the workshop calling the Indian professionals. Thus the club conducted another Workshop program “YANTRA 1.0”.

This time the courage of the members was not only the reason to conduct this workshop. The encouragement was actually given by the robotics association of Nepal (RAN). Thus the robotics club in association to RAN conducted the workshop program on 14th and 15th January, January. This workshop was focused to the analog and digital sensors along-with the introduction of the AVR programming. The workshop is supposed to be another event worth to remember for the members and its participants.


The grand success of the workshop program organized by the club members 2010 encourages the club members 2011 to conduct the the similar kind of workshop program, “ROBOSENSE”. The conduction of the robosense workshop program was a very hard work to the club members since the delay of the program for one whole week. The postponement of the program was let known to the organizing members just on the night before the conduction of the program. By this reason the club was worried and the program was expected to be a rune. But due to the patients and the supports provided by the fellow participants and the members along with the administration of the college itself, the program proves to be another grand success of the club.

The robosense workshop, by the name itself let the participants know how a robot senses its surroundings. The main purpose of the workshop program was to make the participants to work with the sensors used on the robot. The workshop program was based on the PRI sensors and accelerometer. The workshop indeed became another grand success for providing the knowledge to the participants form the various privet colleges.


Boteye was the workshop program, conducted by the club(2010). The workshop program was based upon the “Image Processing”. With the grand support by the administration of the Kathmandu Engineering College and the hard work of the club members, the club was successful to call up the Indian professionals for the training program. The club also calls upon the students from various private engineering colleges and the training program was conducted successfully.

Inverted pendulum – Locus 08/09

We’ve build a robot that works under the principle of Inverted Pendulum Therory.

Details about the theory can be drawn from the Wikipedia page .

On our construction, We’ll have two wheels controlled by DC motor and driven through H-Bridge. The wheel will provide encoder output to the controller. The controller will command to have a desired velocity to counter balance the tilt of the pendulum. The PID set point, output and input will balance the robot to it’s steady state. The tunning parameter will be slightly raised or lowered to control the motion of the Robot.